Breathe With purpose

airofit benefits every aspect of training


Airofit provides a way to train your respiratory strength and capacity while recovering from injuries.  Top performers can't afford to lose their edge.  Oxygenate your body to recover faster and maintain your fitness level.


Airofit is a powerful tool that that isolates your attention with live feedback from its app silencing the noise in the mind and deepening your awareness and importance of how breath affects you state of mind and performance


Airofit is already being used by many top athletes around the world.  It is quickly becoming know as a game changer.  Breath training has long been ignored as a serious training area.  Airofit will give you the edge you need.

Personalized and Data-Driven

Each Airofit training session is based on your personal profile and data providing optimized results.  Simply connect your Airofit to our easy to navigate App and take your breath performance to the next level.  Don't waste your time guessing, use real time data to support your training.


Airofit provides me and my students a simple way of taking the guess work out of breath training.  Live feedback and tracking creates the feedback needed to stay motivated and make real progress.

Sean Coakley, Global Master Breath Trainer.

For me Airofit is a game changer.  As a Performance, Master-Level Swim Coach specific respiratory training has always been a missing link.   I can now help my athletes improve and hold them accountable for their training, proving to them with data-based results that breath training can truly elevate their performance.

Gavin Ross, USA


Airofit's patented technology and intelligent app work together to strengthen your respiratory muscles while creating awareness on how trained breathing will optimize the powerful connection between the mind and body.

Working with experts in the respiratory field we have developed a range of breath training programs built in to our app that focus on different areas of your breathing to ensure you are able to unlock your full potential. 

The pre-built programs in Airofit's app allows you to train your breath independent of other physical activities in a focused manner.  

Purchase your Airofit today and take your training to the next level!

Get trained by certified Airofit trainers

Here on Airofit Training we will ensure your success with the Airofit by giving you access to EXCLUSIVE online training in the Airofit and breath work by certified Breath Work Instructors.